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About Me

boinkThe given name is James, or Séamuis either way, unless you want to call me Erik. I am a Texan born and raised, from the city of Fort Worth. I currently reside in the city of Savannah, Georgia which is a great inspiration for me. I’m 26 years old, I’m an Atheist, an ‘Irish-American’ who loves his heritage, an aspiring photographer, and a ‘Pentaxian’ at heart. I fancy myself as being thoroughly stuck in the 60’s and slowly flowing back to the 20’s. I love old camera’s, vinyl records & turntables. I enjoy Blues, 60’s & 70’s Rock, Irish Folk, 60’s French Pop/Yé-Yé & Classical. I am a street photographer and a freelance photojournalist. I pursue a passion for capturing people raw in their surroundings. I take my photographic inspiration from the likes of Eddie Adams, David Burnett, Garry Winogrand, Charles Moore, Dorothea Lange, Stephen Shore, Harry Callahan & Sam Haskins. I have no formal photography training but I am always seeking and trying to progress as an artist while I use the world around me as a learning tool.

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